t giving

despite not being able to go home to visit my family… my second thanksgiving abroad was a complete success!  Thanks to a close-knit group of Americans living down under the holiday traditions were more than alive this week.  Lucky for me thanksgiving came twice this week with two delicious outdoor potluck dinners over looking the beach.

Thanksgiving uno

The first event was more traditional and was hosted at Dylan’s apartment rooftop- we ate on thursday in sydney, thanks was said :) and about 20 of us sat down together late into the night eating and drinking.  The night wrapped up with a ridiculous viewing of “Hard Ticket to Hawaii” (the most of out control movie ever!!!)


team america

sisterly love

other side

our side



the table

glamour shots

omg so good! we watched this after dins


Thanksgiving dos

The second event was an international affair – Italians brought pasta, the Irish brought potatoes, the American’s brought the traditional elements (candied yams, turkey, stuffing, scones, scalloped potatoes) it was laid back and was an early dinner on Collin’s beachside patio.  I was most excited about receiving the pasta recipe from the Italians (since I am currently exploring italian cooking! will share soon!)

love this one!


dinner on the porch

oh yes

been bag toss?

the crew with unreal dessert spread

collins patio!

I couldn’t resist this one

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  1. Morley said:

    Great! Diverse…interesting and CAKE! Great!

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