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Wish you knew who you wanted to be when you were a kid?  Well Tavi aka “style rookie” is a thirteen year old fashion blogging phenomenon. Ali tipped me off to this fashion haven.  She is a new generations style icon – funky and robust you can’t help but adore this androgynous preteen! The fashion community is crazy for Tavi, she gets to go to the most amazing shows, meet THE BEST designers, travel the world, model in fashion editorials… the list goes on.  She is awesome.  She also makes references I can’t help but find adorable… always mentioning her mom and family.  It is quite entertaining!

Also, check out my updated links on the side bad!  I am going to start sharing more! :)

source: style rookie

^now this is refreshing – it gets better once you get into it :)

^ I agree with her 100% – information/inspiration is everywhere!!!

Tavi Style Rookie, Fashion Blogger Takes Over Fashion Week

By Elizabeth Monson – 9/18/09

The fashion world loves to find young hot things to focus on. This season the unlikely subject of everyone’s fancy was one very pint-sized youngster. Tavi, also known as the Style Rookie, took New York by storm over the past week and left a pretty lasting impression.
So, just who is this new fashion sensation? Here are a few important moments to get to know just who Tavi is.

May 2008: Tavi Gevinson starts blogging at only 12-years-old on Tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.comThis is her very first post as Style Rookie.

Well I am new here…. Lately I’ve been really interested in fashion, and I like to make binders and slideshows of “high-fashion” modeling and designs. I’d like to know of neat websites and magazines, so comments are welcome. I plan on posting pictures in the future, but for now, I’m just getting started. Yours truly, Tavi

December 2008: Tavi posts a video of herself rapping about her love for Rei Kawakuboand the new Comme des Garçons collection for H&M. The video now has over 37,000 views on Vimeo.

July 2009: Tavi heads to LA for some “business,” hits up the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and most importantly, meets with Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte for a top secret project. A match made in fashion heaven.

August 2009: Tavi lands the cover of Pop magazine’s September issue after rumors that she would also be on the cover of Love magazine. Tavi hysteria is at an all time high.

September 2009: Tavi attends New York Fashion Week and sits front row at shows like Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Y-3, and Rodarte. Jealous much? See her coverage of the shows on

Now more so than ever, everyone is watching to see what she does next. But, since she’s still only 13 we may have to wait to see.

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