remembering home :) wherever that may be

“You can never go home again, but the truth is you can never leave home, so it’s all right.”  ~Maya Angelou

today I have been remembering the places I have called “home”… so many wonderful memories, friendships, and emotions… time to revisit the past…

Picture 14

where it all began – jackson hole, wyoming :) this is a picture from our porch! unbelievable!!!

Picture 15

j hole


Picture 21

paradise valley, az (sooo nostalgic for this home!)

Picture 34


Picture 25

the chee! boulder, colorado

Picture 35


Picture 22

Picture 32

grandview – boulder, colorado (miss this so badly!)


Picture 20

Picture 44

nappy ness aka 177 bleecker, nyc


Picture 38

sydney, australia

Picture 40


Picture 41

Picture 45

sanborn – forever my home away from home :)

  1. katie said:

    that pic of the chee is at my favorite time of day in boulder when the sun has just gone behind the mountains, but the sunset isn’t over. ahhh i miss it.

  2. Ali said:

    omg the pic of you and me and wolfy and your mama washin the wolf is sooo classic… i miss you home so much. the vintage fridge…it was my second home and i miss it, but we will always have the amazing memories…

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