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My friends, Gillian and Laura, just got their website up and running – selling their new line “beautiful misfits” for winter 2010!  They are incredibly talented women and have a sexy new line that is worth checking out.  Here is a taste of their new range…  I have 100% confidence in For Love and Lemons and think owning a piece of their premier collection is a good investment.  This brand has serious staying power… love you gill!

Picture 109

Picture 112

Picture 113

some i like :)


these thigh high leggings are so cool! I must have a pair!  Their collection is right on point with the current trends (including cut outs, interesting leggings, 80’s, and I am loving their harem inspired pants)

the girls just went to Bali to produce this line





^the girls blog… some awesome pictures from their recent trip to Bali – here is adorable video from their site on Gillian’s Birthday

  1. love the site! I published it on my blog too I liked it so much!

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