trip down south

ben and i took a road trip south to Kiama (the drive was on the coast the entire way!)… here are some of the highlights

road trip music from me to you…

click to enlarge… and notice the dead shark we saw in the back of someone’s truck! wtf isn’t that illegal?!  Some other moments worth mentioning are: ben having to drive on the opposite side of the road in adverse conditions (very scary for everyone involved), our ghetto motel room (which for some reason cost as much as a 4 star hotel) the horse races we randomly arrived at…

oh yes – you may also notice that I look like a bum in all of these pictures… and that is because I was told we were going camping (which ended up not being on the agenda) :) hehe

  1. roxane said:

    looks like u had alot of fun! :) awesomeee

  2. alison said:

    you are beautious! your skin is glowing…tell me your secrets. and your body is looking ripped girl! tell me your secrets!!!!!!

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