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Daily Beauty Reporter: Beauty Reporter

here are some things i like/ thought were sharable from the allure beauty blog…  thought the blog was overall just ok – the plan this week is to explore the professional blog scene and report back my findings :)  Aliiii i may need some suggestions xx


gucci <3


dolce & gabana – this is such a cool take on leopard print! meoow


chanel – notice the tights!!!  I think this model looks like liz s :)

Picture 14

Picture 15

^ I have never seen a manicure like this – novel idea

Picture 16

  1. alison said:

    ok! i like this blog for beauty product reviews and raves…that is pretty much why I use it… they do the major “best of beauty” every year where the editors and staff test 2,000 products over a year to make sure that they recommend great products…so it is very good for this!!!

  2. keren curran said:

    my favourite beauty tip is always use vasaline under the eye area before makeup or without to brighten and lift the eyes

  3. andrea said:

    I really love the allure approach to beauty, fashion, and expression! I like all the vibrant color and how it is mixed in with natural colors and prints!

  4. keenan said:

    my favorite beauty tip is to use 1 tsp baking soda mixed with one 1/2 cup warm & salt to make a paste to get rid of a blemish – put on face for 10 minutes and ZAP!

  5. My favorite beauty tip is to go to bed with a clean face by exfoliating and then moisturizing. It’s like an artist starting with a new piece of canvas
    each time he creates his new masterpiece. We have to take care of our skin, it is what people look at first!!!! I have also passed this on to my boys
    its important for them as well.

  6. Heantmarti said:

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