this is maybe funny…


This is pretty bad… but also hilarious.  My sister informs me, at ASU, people are going to bars and ordering a “lindsay lohan” aka a red headed slut with a splash of coke (cocacola that is!)

So here is my lilo inspired cocktail.  For the record, aside from her fashion line this season, I still love lindsay… no shame :)



1 oz jagermeister

1 oz schnapps – peach

3 oz cranberry juice

splash of coke :) (cola)!!

To mix- fill tumbler a quarter of the way with ice.  Add ingredients….  recipe sourced from drinknation – link above and images from google

  1. alison said:

    her fashion line with Ungaro was a hotttttt messsssss. don’t forget it ever

  2. roxane said:

    wow!! that’s something I’ll have to try when I go to America hahaha

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