happy belated birthday roxane!

meanddad 4th bday_thumb[2]

image from itsroxc

roxane loves rock music – we both love rock but she is much more into the indie stuff – check out her blog for more info because I am out of that loop…. anyways,  I am trying to get her into red hot chili peppers… because they are the BEST…

so this post is my attempt to force rhcp on her :)

thanks for everything roxane – I hope all of your birthday wishes already came true… see you tonight!

Picture 5

also! roxane has the best style and she wears band/cool t-shirts like this belted at the waist with a cute cardigan! i love :) I tried to find pics of people doing this online but was unsuccessful

pp30090~red-hot-chili-peppers-postersRed Hot Chili Peppers Live Large

you really just need their new album – asap


they always do this sock thing… a bit much???

1 comment
  1. roxane said:

    omg ur the sweetest!!! :) thanks so much keenan haha, was nice havin a little catch up with u last night. have a good weekend :P

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