good eats – scottsdale & texas


(click on visuals to enlarge) i feel like i am forgetting some essentials! ali??

theme: affordable, local, old school & yummy (malee’s is my favorite!)  some of my favorite places to eat from high school – so def a bit dated but they are still the best when I go home… miss authentic mexican like crazy

Picture 31

Malee’s Thai Bistro on main  $$ my fav restaurant by far in arizona – order their signature fish dish

Picture 29

Los Olivos– ha! i am pretty sure this graphic says it all… this is legit authentic mex!!!!

Picture 17

Oregano – order their sandwiches & pizzas… and if your feeling indulgent get the pazookie – half baked cookie in a pizza pan w/ ice cream = heaven … any one in az already knows about this

Picture 24

La Grande Orange Grocery – really cute/cool boutique grocery that also has a great lunch menu

Picture 23

Tee Pee Mexican Restaurant– this is the best mexican.  it is legendary.  they serve your food so hot you can barely put it in your mouth (twss – hehe) anyways, it is authentic and a historic spot in phoenix!

Picture 33

Dhaba The – recently my fam has been hitting up the dhaba for some affordable & savory indian!

Picture 47

Sushi On Shea – :)

Picture 50

Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlor – old town scottsdale landmark – ice cream galore


Picture 26

Joe TGarcia’s Mexican Restaurant– so much authentic mexican – this place is HUGE and does a 5 course meal that is insane!!!   no joke… you will be full for days after eating here… I like the fajitas

chains omitted – original house of pancakes and the good egg (az chain)

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