vintage find that is the cat’s pajamas

today shannon and i went shopping in the paddo (sp?) markets – made me think of my mama.   Anyways, one very special piece I rummaged upon makes me believe in destiny – because it is seriously my dream find! envision with high-waisted bottoms of some sort :D  and it was super cheap… YESSS

Photo 248

love the 80’s chloe vibe, gold embellishments, and teal color.  it is vintage Kristaan from 80s and made in aussie.  I am going to add info to this post about vintage markets/clothing stores in colorado, arizona, california, new york, and aussie so come back :)

  1. meyermohrsquad said:

    LOVE IT! i love a good find like that! destiny

  2. Anonymous said:

    love love love. a million looks in one piece. so you. :)

  3. Anonymous said:

    love love love!! so you. a million looks in one piece

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