1 year birthday


Happy First Birthday :)


Last year on September 30th I came home from work and told my roomie Ryan that I wanted to start a blog.  Not knowing anything about blogs… or really what I was going to blog about…I went to and started up Keenanevans.  I was convinced wordpress was the best because I didn’t want the word BLOG to be any part of my site – because as some of you may know I think the word BLOG sounds ugly.   Ha, last year September 29, 2008 was definitely a turning point in my life.   I started documenting my personal creative progressions and likings.  I remember begging Erika to run around Soho with me at night to take my banner picture :) haha I am so dumb.

Anyways, I am proud of how far this website has come and am very excited and anxious about my future in design.  Words don’t express how thankful and lucky I am to have such a supportive community of family and friends.  Being so far away from home this dorky website has helped me feel connected and tied to home, my past, and share a piece of me with you.

This post is a collaboration of photographs that I am using right now on a project I will hopefully be able to share shortly and others I currently enjoy.  Visual Bon Appetite

Thank yous that are long overdue for the past year….


^pic from night i started site, last year on sept 28th hahahahah heart you hardcore E – don’t know if you remember but sorry for getting your vest dirty this day hehe  Thank you for sleeping over so many nights in my grunge/small NYC apartment, thank you for getting me extra work before my move… x


^ Thanks mama bear, noni, & grandaddy


^ Thank you Charles & Ryan :) because I know you are both computer geeks – Charles I am so appreciative for your random support!  Ryan, NYC wouldn’t have been without living in Nappyness…..

Also, this would not be possible my computers aka babies


^ Ali thank you for commenting on my posts, your enthusiasm and support make me feel connected to home and encourage me.  It is amazing to feel so reconnected over our recent common interests.  I can’t wait for next year! you are my sister


^ slutty bear –  thank you for listening to my problems and for always being honest with me.  I appreciate your feedback and constructive criticisms.  For the record I don’t condone being being bad


^ Thank you Lacey –  “I don’t have tiimmeee” – BIZNIZZZ


^  Lauren, you are a class act.  I know that sounds ridiculously dumb but I don’t know who doesn’t love you or look up to the woman you have become.  I really respect your intelligence and maturity.


^ Thank you Tess. I wouldn’t have been able to move without your sacrifice that day – oh god emo nightmare… You have helped me redefine my understanding of friendship.


^ Aaron – Special thanks for your feedback on my most current project…


^ Thanks Blair & Geoff… your drive to succeed are motivating

Gucci Fall-Winter 2008 . 2009 Womens + Mens Ad Campaign5

^ Nicole & Christy not sure you ever hit up this site but your advice is gold


^ BenJammin thank you for being my rock…. i hope you like JAMMMIN too…


^ RPRS – this picture is for you :)  Kate, Nicole, Brady thank you for making such an effort to stay connected  –  reunion asap


^ Thank you to Perry & Tu for helping me ease into the real world and providing me with the best advice.   Miss you both.


^ Gill thanks for helping me get my job & for reconnecting me with old friends abroad.


^Thank you to everyone i know I am forgetting to mention specifically….  Have a beautiful day

  1. Charles Pope said:

    hah you’re quite welcome! I’m glad to see this site is coming along, I still remember the first day it went live :P Still can’t believe you’re in Australia, it’s always been a place that I wanted to go. Maybe once I graduate I’ll take a little tour around that part of the world :) I saw your post on the dust storm in Sydney – that must have been insane!

  2. alison said:

    Thank you for the recognition! I remember being in the car with Geoff at Safeway and talking to you on the phone about BLOGGGG names! hehehe i think the name CITY STREAKERRRR was one of the front runners, i’m glad you chose Keenan Evans :) your site has come a long way and is so amazing. i love coming to it to feel reconnected to you since we are far apart. :( but it makes me happy to see everything you love, because it is what i love about you! we are so similar in our tastes it is kinda redunkulous- explains why we are bffs. you make me so proud and your creative energy in contagious and inspiring! keep on keepin on and bloggin, girl!!! Love Chu always!

  3. Kate said:

    Keens…..Happy [Blog]irthday!!!!!!!!! I couldnt be happier for you and where are are right now in your life and budding career. You keep me constantly inspired to make it happen, to keep exploring every interest and passion. I can’t wait to wear your clothes:)

    I agree, blog is a heinous word. What was I thinking with blogspot?? Oh well, is currently developing…love youxx

  4. alison said:

    blog blog blog bloggggggy blog blog

  5. roxane said:

    happy blog birthday! and yes I got a tatt haha! omggg there are some amazing pics here keenan :) and love the one with u and the graffiti wall, classy!

    • Keenan Evans Meyer said:

      you are out of control! what does it say??? I am working on a bday post for youuu xx p.s. want to come over today or tomorrow???

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