i copyright everything I create. pirate pants

Hello all :)

In honor of my copyright I have decided to share my latest designs.  If you are interested then please contact me :)  Let’s call this look “pirate pants”…. I know they may seem ridiculous but they are sO comfortable and go with the Harem/Hammer pant trend that is happening right now.  They could be cool dressed up to go out with a boot or high heals… or you could wear them to a dance class, school, or work …  Pirate pants can be dressed up or down to go to any occasion.   In addition to their versatility they feel like heaven because they breathe but still keep you comfortably warm (thanks to the fitted draping around the calf).  I can custom to your liking by adjusting the design, construction, color, or decor to match your personal styling.  I am adding buttons or some gold chains up the bottom half of mine… (inspired by givenchy & gucci 2008-2009 runway designs, and of course pirates) pardon the lack of a better model!!! hah


Picture 2

^ these are the pirate pants I am selling!

Photo 198

This one is kind of confusing because my shawl looks like part of the pants, they are not that baggy around the thigh!!

Photo 199

Photo 209

^ my temporary logo!!! gold embroidery… I am adjusting the font to be smaller!!!

And now onto the necklace I made that I think makes a cool/glam compliment to the pants…

Photo 191

Photo 240

^ So it is actually a charm necklace of sorts… it is gold (GOLD OBSESSION!!!!!)  each piece composing the necklace is very personal to me…  For example the silver lee brevard cross charm I found in high school, the token I got as a token of friendship with an old friend while in new york, the bird is a charm from the jewelry collection I am designing right now inspired by sky,  and all of the stones I got at adorable bead shop in BOCO before I moved… sooooo :) please let me know if interested because I can custom do a piece for yoU or a loved one!!!

Photo 193

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  1. meyermohrsquad said:

    loves it! keep up the good work!

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