authentic chinese dumpling & peking duck

Diana, my Chinese cooking guru was kind enough to share her family dumpling & peking duck recipes with me.  Here are some pictures of her master chef skills in action.  She noted the ingredients on a scrap piece of paper, and suggests to be creative and use your own proportions.  Bon appetite & thank you Diana!


Picture 6



Picture 20

Picture 23

Some pretty low quality pictures of our ingredients – god bless the Asian markets… :)

Picture 18

Combine dumpling ingredients in a bowl – cater to your taste – pick up mixture and roll into 1 inch ball

Picture 19

Wetten the edges of the dumpling pancake and place the meat at it’s center.  Fold meat into pancake center – like a soft taco and pull edges together and pinch to make a decorative seal…

Picture 22

Place dumpling in boiling water for 8-10 minutes

Picture 25

Tada! such an easy and healthy meal.  We froze the remaining dumplings and made won ton soup later in the week.


Peking Duck

Here I am going to be a bit less instructional and suggest you try your own variation on this Asian style tapas.  Simply take a Peking duck pancake and add a teaspoon of water, microwave for 10 seconds.   Place meat, shallot, roast duck (from asian market if possible), and a dash of oyster sauce on the pancake and roll.  Unbelievably yummy.

Picture 24

Picture 26

Picture 27

Picture 21

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