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model: Liu Wen, source: fashionising

source: chicintuition

model: Constance Jablonski, Paris Fashion Week, source: fashion rising… her jeans are bad ass.

model: Emmanuele Alt (Paris Vogue Stylist)…source: lindsay-labellevie.blogspot… she is too good… if you like I did a more detailed post on her style here!

model: Emmanuele Alt (Paris Vogue Stylist)…source: lindsay-labellevie.blogspot… and again. more detailed post on her style here!

photographer: Wayne Tippetts, source: StreetStyleAesthetic

model: Alix (aka Cherry Blossom Girl), Paris Fashion Week, source: Fashionrising

model: Karmen Pedaru, Paris Fashion Week, source: Stockholm Street Style

Paris Fashion Week, source:

source: elle

model: Miranda Kerr, Paris Fashion Week, source: fashionising

model: Anja Rubik, Paris Fashion Week, source: Stockholm Street Style

photography: Peter Miszuk, source:

source: elle

source: thefashpack.onsugar

photography: Anne Ziegler, source: elle

take home messages to emmulate Parisian street style:

1. be super skinny & wear skinny pants…hahah

2. layers, layers, layers

3. stick to the neutrals (blacks, grays, nudes…)

4. don’t do your hair

5. bundle up… with fur!

i have been meaning to do a post on the sartorialist forever… everyone knows and loves his work (he is signed with bigtime photo rep Jed Root –  He was also selected as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers last year… and is featured on

The sartorialist’s biography is at the bottom of this post.  Here are a few highlights of street style inspirations (mens too! because my guy friends were complaining about this sight being too fem)

Anyways enjoy & have a peaceful day.  Maybe these photographs will inspire you to take some chances with your personal style – and hopefully go vintage!

^love this dress from Chloe fw 2009 runway

photography: the sartorialist

It is 5:25 am and I am accidently up for the day – I guess as we get older the less sleep we require.  Lately, I find myself springing awake before the sun rises and wishing I could fall back into a dreamy sleep.  BOO!  I guess for your benefit it means I get to post about some style treasures.  Speaking of which…

Nana in Wonderland –  Dylana’s (WHAT A BADASS NAME!) style is the perfect example of international street style (that I described in my recent vintage post) at its finest… This west coaster  (LA to be specific) blogs about her daily outfit choices :)  She has excellent taste and she goes into depth as to why she picked each piece, where it is from, etc .  She has some vintage finds to die for.

Her look is interesting and understated… she loves leopard too and she rocks the military & school girl relaxed blazers on the regular.  Also! I am into her black lace up boots… MUST HAVE!  I also like how she has signature pieces that keep reapearing in various posts.  She has a gift at reinventing her clothing everyday to make it look new and refreshing.

Anyways,  Nana is truly beautiful!  I am not the only one to think so – her blog has been recognized by style websites across the www and I am certain her following will only continue to grow as she gets more discovered.

Here is a taste of her blog.  However, I strongly recommend checking it out further for wardrobe and personal styling ideas!

I am interested in incorporating more daily photos like this onto my blog… Hopefully incorporating pieces I have designed with special vintage pieces and ideas from my favorite runway looks of the season.


^ so much to like about this – her harem pants, the scarf that ads the perfect splash of color & softness to the outfit, the awesome studded gladiators, the vintage purse, the besos rojo! ahhh

^ this color scheme is my go to – leopard print ties this all together… and those boots…

^This sweater reminds me of  Missoni fall 2009

^ the jean shorts over tights looks so cool – her blazer is a relaxed take on the Balmain F 2009 military jackets

^ PERFECT example of floral print meets vintage leather !!!

^ simple and eye catching – nothing beats a clean crisp white button up… also love her rolled oversized sleeves

^ the relaxed blazer with torn up jorts = international effortless style

^ I have been mixing up my belt placement  a lot sense I saw Hermes mix it up two seasons ago … I like her belt over the oxford… I also love putting a belt on the outside of a jacket or cardigan (try it!) it changes up any outfit

^  I literally sent this picture to my mom for x-mas gift inspirations.

^school girl prep inspiration!


Here is a taste of Dylana’s writing – sourced from her post on fashion socialite Atlanta de Cadenet (who also has noteworthy style) also love her hair – like a more funky rachel bilson! yesss

Images and information sourced from Nana in Wonderland


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