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Swept Away – Delicate Sea Shell Bracelet

Delicate Gold Bar Bracelet

these are probably my two favorites… I hope someone buys them together because they look so dainty layered

Thinking of You – Vintage Inspired Locket

Rose Stud Earrings

these already sold :)!

West Germany Costume Jewelry – Refurbished Dangly Earrings

West Germany Costume Jewelry – Refurbished Vintage Bracelet

Bird in Golden Ring Earring

Fashion Culture Collage this is one of my favorite collages I have ever made…  there are so many historical fashion & pop culture references…

see more on my online shop – I plan to put up creative projects and my mothers vintage jewelry finds!  will keep you posted, of course

model: Liu Wen, source: fashionising

source: chicintuition

model: Constance Jablonski, Paris Fashion Week, source: fashion rising… her jeans are bad ass.

model: Emmanuele Alt (Paris Vogue Stylist)…source: lindsay-labellevie.blogspot… she is too good… if you like I did a more detailed post on her style here!

model: Emmanuele Alt (Paris Vogue Stylist)…source: lindsay-labellevie.blogspot… and again. more detailed post on her style here!

photographer: Wayne Tippetts, source: StreetStyleAesthetic

model: Alix (aka Cherry Blossom Girl), Paris Fashion Week, source: Fashionrising

model: Karmen Pedaru, Paris Fashion Week, source: Stockholm Street Style

Paris Fashion Week, source:

source: elle

model: Miranda Kerr, Paris Fashion Week, source: fashionising

model: Anja Rubik, Paris Fashion Week, source: Stockholm Street Style

photography: Peter Miszuk, source:

source: elle

source: thefashpack.onsugar

photography: Anne Ziegler, source: elle

take home messages to emmulate Parisian street style:

1. be super skinny & wear skinny pants…hahah

2. layers, layers, layers

3. stick to the neutrals (blacks, grays, nudes…)

4. don’t do your hair

5. bundle up… with fur!

elated, after hours of sourcing images online, i found myself at kjsdesign.  Artist & fashion fan, Kelly Smith posts illustrations regularly inspired by designers, models, magazines… all the good stuff.  Here are some of my favorites!  She even has some of her prints for sale on etsy… if you likey!

The more illustrations I see – the more admiration I have for white space… Kelly Smith does a good job of shading (& bringing texture) while still bleeding the light into her work.  encore!!!

Marion in Valentino


She Looks Sly

Erin Wasson

She Might Take Flight

girl from 4th and Bleecker (she is an Aussie who I have met a few times :) ) really lovely girl…

the naturalist is my style addiction…

images sourced from kjsdesign

2:28 am on a tuesday night… do you know where your children are? ;)

source: musie

jean on jean can be done right! shocker

source: musie

Numero is a great fashion magazine if you ever have the opportunity to pick up a copy… and I think this dress is Gucci FW 2008 which was one of my all time favorite collections

grain edit · Simon Page interview, Alphabattle, source: ffffound

my latest (and longest) obsession, lee brevard earrings

actress: Kate Hudson, movie: Almost Famous

vintage Cartier Clutch ohh la la

OMG Posters!, source:

This was on display at my old work… never got sick of looking at it…

Vanity Fair, source: musie


model: Heidi Klum, source:

source: musie

this is amazing… source: strange maps

actor: Cary Grant, movie: North by Northwest directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Fender tortoise shell guitar pick… enough said.

earle_book3.jpg (image), source: ffffound

diamonds are forever…

pretty things

model: Doutzen Kroes

last week I entered a scholarship contest… and they have approved my design for the competition (which will happen sometime next month!) so i thought I might as well share :D

I aspire to design refreshing fashion for modern women with practicality, liveliness, and athleticism in mind. When I design clothing my goal is to empower women by merging fashion, function, and versatility. In this collage you get a taste of my aesthetic and personality. Each item demonstrates sources of my inspiration – fashion magazines, runway shows, travel, and my personal sketch inspired by French designer Isabel Marant. In the fall of 2010, I will be attending Parsons New School of design for a graduate program in Fashion.

see it officially at the Frame My Future website…


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